I don’t have a terminal illness, but I would like to express my end-of-life wishes for my family to use when the time comes. Will you work with me to do this?

Planning and documenting your good death is a gift to your loved ones and friends, so they can know they are fulfilling your wishes. I am happy to work with you wherever you are on your journey.

I would like to have the companionship and support of a doula, but am concerned about how expensive it may be.

I provide my services pro bono. I see this as a time when a community unites to surround and support a person whose life is nearing its end. I think of myself as one more member of your community, not as a paid service provider.

A close family member (or friend) is terminally ill. Will you help me understand how I can support everyone involved even though I’m not in the immediate circle of the ill person?

This question reflects your caring nature. We can definitely meet to discuss ways you can provide appropriate loving support.

My significant other and I have made no end-of-life preparations, not even a will. Can you guide us through these legalities?

I can make suggestions of legal documents that are essential to have and assist as you brainstorm through what you want. That said, I am not an attorney. I certainly can help you find an attorney to work with.

What can you provide that I can’t get through hospice?

Hospice focuses on your clinical and physical needs, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. They also may provide spiritual and psychological support and services. As your doula, my focus is on being a knowledgeable and experienced companion, being an advocate to ensure your wishes are recognized and met in so far as they are possible, and in providing you information and resources as you plan and embark on this journey. Your hospice providers are working with multiple people at a time, whereas I take only one client at a time. You will have my undivided attention.

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